Jennifer Garner loves yummy lattes and crazy kites


Actress Jennifer Garner graced Vancouver with her presence while filming Elektra last year and recently reported her favorite things about Vancouver in AmericaWay magazine. Garner stayed in an executive rental just off of Kits Beach and was very complimentary about the neighbourhood – she even went as far to single out her favorite restaurants. Tangerine on Yew got the nod for both brunch and dinner – not a big surprise, as this restaurant is the only great restaurant in the ‘Northern Yew’ area. Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe also made the grade?? I guess this makes sense as Garner would be classified as a “tourist“… and, of course, there is no way she had to wait in line with all the other first-timers from out of town as her personal assistant would have taken care of that.

Garner also likes the “funky little shops” along a “long street” in Kits called West 4th Avenue. Although, she is a self-proclaimed “Starbucks girl”, she recommends Kits Coffee on 4th for their “extra yummy” lattes?? The barista there must be the President of the Alias Fan Club because the only yummy thing I’ve found at Kits Coffee is their free parking spots while running into WrapZone.

My favorite Jennifer Garner quote on Vancity: “There’s a dog beach nearby that I went to, and there’s a man who flies his kite there every day. But like crazy kites.” I’ve got Mikey scheduled for a mid-summer interview with the crazy-kite guy – stay tuned to this blog!

Last modified: June 2, 2008

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