The restaurant at Kits Beach


I was out for a stroll at the beach yesterday and was excited to see that the new restaurant seems to be taking shape. Let’s face it, this project should be a huge success. I’m looking forward to sitting on the upper patio with a few friends and more than a few cold ones. It’s long overdue, as the former facilities were nothing short of embarassing. Still, there is a group of Kits point residents that feel this development is infringing on their rights at homeowners in the area. What is it with this Kits enclave? It was their Kits Point Residents Association that proposed to ban the bus tour stop at the Maritime Museum a few years back. If it was up to the Kits Point Residents Association, the Maritime Museum and Planetarium would be boarded up and Bard on the Beach would be relocated to Cultus Lake!

Last modified: April 12, 2008

One Response to " The restaurant at Kits Beach "

  1. JC says:

    Mikey’s line of argument is a dead give away that he is likely speaking for the developers of this sad project.

    Attacking the neighbours for speaking up in favour of preserving a very popular and lively public space and against what is looking to be an eyesore of a building in a formerly public park is a desperate tactic “Mikey”. It seems to me the neighbours had it right in this case. But if you can find a neighbourhood that welcomes the destruction of public parks, the replacement of parkland with late night booze cans (not incidentally operated by over the hill restaurateurs with little charm and a miserable track record) let us know.

    Most people are now aware of the stink surrounding the park board and city’s “process” and the fact that the developer has acted opportunistically and very ungenerously towards those bodies and the public. And if they are not, one look at this cold steel shed will confirm that someone must have had a gun to their head when this thing was approved.

    But, Mikey likes his “cold ones” and hasn\’t figured out that generations of Vancouverites have managed to enjoy a drink at the beach without feeling the need to destroy the ambiance of a quiet place in the process.

    In any event, around November, when the rain is driving sideways and patrons are nowhere to be seen, Mikey will likely be elsewhere and the developer will wish he were too.