Gravity Pope on West 4th Avenue


It’s not very often a fashion retail chain starts on the prairies and later thrives on the West Coast – it usually happens the other way around. If you looking for the best selection of modern & unique footwear – Gravity Popeis your place. Their Kits store on West 4th is their 3rd location after starting in Edmonton in 1990 and expanding south into Calgary. They stock all the big brands and their website allows you to browse through 100’s of men’s & ladies styles from dozens of manufacturers.

Last modified: April 12, 2008

One Response to " Gravity Pope on West 4th Avenue "

  1. michelle says:

    I do NOT recommend anyone shopping at this store. I recently purchased a pair of UGGs and after wearing them for an hour or so, I developed a bruise on my heel which I attributed to a defect in the boot. Surprisingly enough, the store refused to exchange them! Their Cobbler claims the boots are fine and will only exchange them for another pair if I pay a 20% restocking fee. They said UGG was very strict on return policies and offered me an insole instead. I am a retailer myself who happens to carry baby UGG boots & I have never had issues returning defective merchandise to any vendor. This is obviously a Gravity Pope tactic to avoid the hassles of an exchange. So please, BEWARE shoppers!!!