Where to Buy a Bike in Kitsilano

Cycling is one of the cleanest and most energy efficient forms of transportation in Vancouver, and the number of people choosing to cycle continues to grow, year after year.

Much of this growth is due to the City’s support for green transportation initiatives to make roads safer and more comfortable for cyclists and pedestrians. Expanding the bicycle network is an important strategy in the City’s effort to reduce traffic congestion to become a more sustainable city.

Not surprisingly Kitsilano is home to a huge population of cyclists and a handful of stores to serve them but the title of Kitsilano.ca’s official BIKE sponsor is up for grabs.

In the meantime, here are a few others to choose from:

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  1. Vegan Biker says:

    The 2016 census of Canada shows that 2.3% of Vancouver’s population commuted by bike (see data attached). In 1996 the census showed that 1.7% of the population commuted by bike. So, there has been a .6% increase in bike commuters over the past 20 years. Wow! It is staggering! If this trend continues, we might see 5% of the population cycling by 2050. Won’t that be great?


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