According to a report presented to Vancouver Park Board on Monday, Kitsilano Pool is leaking 30,000 litres of water every hour and engineers have no idea where the leaks are.

“This is a devastating report on the Kits pool. We’re at the end of life on the Kits pool,” said commissioner Tom Digby in response to the presentation.

The park board heard that the upgrades performed in 2018 were expected to significantly extend the lifetime of the salt water pool, but extensive damage from the January 2020 tidal surge and rainstorm had reversed much of that work.

Last modified: February 18, 2024

4 Responses to " Kitsilano Pool Is Leaking 30,000 Litres of Water an Hour "

  1. D says:

    How will it be replaced?

  2. Steve Larigakis says:

    I hope they find the leaks and repair them. Bring in the water sleuths. That pool is one of the most iconic outdoor swimming pools in the world. And it’s a valuable recreational asset for Vancouverites. What are you going to do? Replace it with Apartment buildings?

  3. Renata Zaleska says:

    I very much hope that they do what’s necessary to repair this Kitsilano landmark.
    Thousands enjoy this pool each summer.
    The park board should make this a big priority !

  4. Come on! There must be a way to find the leaks. Feels like typical Vancouver greed wanting to re-build money making residential or commercial construction. If they know is leaking this certain amount then why don’t they know where it’s coming from? How did the surge wreck the pool exactly? The Parks Board should get it’s priorities straight!