Whistler-born Purebread announced today that they will be opening two new locations in Vancouver – one on West 4th Avenue and another at the University of British Columbia.

The West 4th location at at 1864 West 4th Avenue complements Purebread’s 5 year-old storefront at 2887 West Broadway.

Earlier this year Purebread was acquired by Coho Collective, Canada’s largest shared-kitchen company.

The upcoming UBC Location, set at 5955 University Boulevard and scheduled to open in September 2025, will be established in partnership with UBC Properties Investments Ltd.

This venture aligns with the construction of the $180 million Gateway Building, a six-storey, 267,000-square-foot mass timber structure designed to stand as an iconic and welcoming space for students, faculty, and visitors. Purebread will be a key anchor tenant.

“Coho’s unwavering commitment to Purebread’s growth is a cornerstone of our vision,” stated Andrew Barnes, CEO, Coho Collective.

“We are dedicated to expanding this beloved brand with careful consideration and a strategic approach. Collaborating with top-tier teams to discern ideal locations aligning with our growth vision is a testament to this dedication.”

“These two new locations place us strategically in two of Canada’s premier retail markets – Kitsilano and UBC – allowing us to respond effectively to the burgeoning demand from consumers and retailers.”

Last modified: October 18, 2023

One Response to " Purebread Doubles Down on Kitsilano With West 4th Avenue Location "

  1. Bill Barilko says:

    Not surprising to see this space turn over- the present tenant has set a low mark for dreadful ‘service’ and unbelievably poor value.

    Good Luck to Pure Bread!