Following the conclusion of the 3-month Alcohol on Beaches pilot, beachgoers are reminded that from September 5th, the consumption of alcohol is no longer permitted on any of Vancouver’s beaches, including Kitsilano Beach.

Throughout the summer, residents and visitors have enjoyed the opportunity to drink alcohol at 7 beaches as part of a temporary initiative to test responsible consumption of alcohol at suitable locations in the city.

Staff are now reviewing the findings from the pilot, which includes feedback from the public and staff responsible for maintaining site safety and cleanliness. The findings will be shared with the Board at a later date to inform future decision making around drinking on beaches.

Note that while the consumption of alcohol is sanctioned year-round at sites like Kits Beach Park (11am and 9pm daily), drinking is not permitted at the adjacent Kitsilano Beach starting September 5th.

Last modified: September 1, 2023

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