The swings at Kits Beach Park were vandalized on Sunday night and Vancouver Park Board staff spent today repairing the damaged playground equipment.

A number of swings were cut down with bolt cutters and the remainder of the swings’ steel chains were partially cut through, creating a very dangerous scenario for unsuspecting children.

The Vancouver Police Department said it first became aware of the vandalism through social media and has since opened an investigation.

Photo: CTV News

Last modified: March 1, 2023

One Response to " Kits Beach Park Playground Swings Vandalized "

  1. Susan Smith says:

    Can’t believe that in this day and age, and with the “upswing” (excuse the pun) in crime city-wide due to no enforcement city-wide, that in parks, and everywhere frankly, we do not have video security. Maybe with the 10.7% Property Tax increase (Geez!), the City can put in cameras. I fear not; the $ will all go to more bike lanes. Where is the responsibility and accountability to the residents for core services, including protection of asseets? And, what kind of nimrod would take swings away from kids? How far we have fallen.