Kitsilano has always been a neighbourhood where fitness is an important collective goal. You can check our previous article on Workout for Women’s Day, which talks about when Kitsilano studios launched fitness programs to raise funds for local girls’ and women’s charities for International Women’s Day. This is proof of how fitness is a common point of unity among Kitsilano residents.

Even without a special event, it’s important for Kitsilano residents to find the means to stay in shape. Let’s take a closer look at the different ways we can take care of our health.

Sign up for a class

There are many private studios in Kitsilano offering different types of classes that cater to various interests and age groups. Try Barre Belle and Method Cycling, both of which participated in Workout for Women’s Day, as well as iDance and Gentle Hatha. Whichever you feel inclined to do — from dancing, to cycling, to yoga — you’re sure to find the right class for your activity level.

Join the community

Besides hosting studios with private classes, Kitsilano is also home to the neighbourhood Community Centre. This features a fitness centre, ice rink, gymnasium, dance studio, youth lounge, seniors lounge, and even a sauna. The different equipment and programs at KCC are available through single-visit admission fees or monthly passes, sold at very accessible rates.

This is located at Connaught Park, one of the many outdoor spaces in Kitsilano. Many Kitsilano residents also go to Vanier Park or Kitsilano Beach to get their morning and afternoon exercise in, as the fresh air and supportive community is great motivation to stay in shape.

Use a weight loss app

For those who stay in shape better through more private means, signing up for a weight loss app may be the right option. Many programs consult with experts to deliver a customised workout and diet plan. To get a personalised weight loss program with WeightWatchers, users have to complete a comprehensive questionnaire under the guidance of dieticians and behaviour change specialists.

This allows the plan to be tailored to your preference, budget, and lifestyle. It’s easier for Kitsilano residents to follow personalised plans because these can be adapted to local resources, including food and exercise spaces.

Diet plans should also be supplemented with exercise. It’s important, however, to inform the dieticians of your exercise regimen while crafting your plans. This ensures that you’re consuming the proper amount of calories on your weight loss journey.

Eat fresh and local

Kitsilano enjoys tons of fresh and local produce. Residents have several options for sourcing nutritious fruits, vegetables, fresh-baked goods, meats, and cheeses. It’s easy to shop around and put together a meal plan at the Kitsilano Farmers Market — open every Sunday at the Kitsilano Community Centre.

The Farmers Market can help Kitsilano residents monitor their nutrition intake, prioritise meals that are fresh and abundant in vitamins, and support local farmers.

Play active fitness games

Video games are a favourite pastime here. Kitsilano is even home to Glitch, where patrons can enjoy a variety of games and consoles. Many Kitsilano residents also play at home, which is precisely where entertainment can be combined with fitness thanks to games designed to make players move.

For a blend of rhythm-based gameplay with an exercise slant, residents can play Fitness Boxing for Nintendo Switch, making full use of the swing detection and multiplayer function of the console. Similar games include Dance Central or Knockout Home Fitness, and there are many more options for residents to integrate fun and fitness into their everyday lives.

A strong community is one that is healthy. With these tips, Kitsilano residents can ensure that we stay healthy and happy for years to come.

Last modified: September 13, 2022

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