Celebrate Family Day at the MOV.

Connect with the museum by exploring their current feature exhibitions, connecting to a story in the I Dream Library Our Stories Live Here installation in the MOV Community Gallery and catching a screening of the Heritage episode from the Evo docu-series FABRIC.

Our Stories Live Here features a library with K-12 selections, bridging the need for equitable representation in education with themes of community, displacement, and self-representation found in skate culture.

In Gallery 11 they will be hosting a continuous public screening of episode 4 (HERITAGE) of the Evo docu-series FABRIC. Embracing identity and tradition to empower future generations of indigenous youth, this episode features Nations Skate Youth cofounder Rose Archie.

Last modified: February 19, 2022

One Response to " Celebrate Family Day At The MOV "

  1. Bert says:

    Why do yiu need an additional path win you already have a bike path? I pay my taxes amd all over the city there are bike paths they not all bike users use. They are still on the main roads
    I don’t understand why you need to fracture the park on that way
    To me it makes no sense and where are the people who run Kitsilano Showboat supposed to park when checking the stage and never mind the acts unloading and loading their musical gear and specially our orchestras?? Where are they safely supposed to do this?