Vancouver’s much anticipated purpose-built coworking space for ecommerce brands is open for business.

Launched by the ecommerce experts at JIBE, ECOMsquare is a bi-level, 7,000-square-foot facility and the new home of a collective that features ecommerce creators, operators, and owners who are dedicated to growing the eCommerce industry in British Columbia.

Located at 1758 West 8th Avenue, the space officially opens for new member applications this month.

Techcouver got a sneak peek at the space late last year and sat down with JIBE’s founder, Steve Krueger, to get the inside scoop.

“We’re looking for D2C ecommerce small business owners in Vancouver, either solo or with a small team, who are taking the leap at making the business their full-time gig, need to get out of their condo/townhouse/house, and looking for a focused community space to help contribute to and learn from,” Krueger told Techcouver.

Business memberships are offered via an á la carte menu and provide all the necessary elements for running a successful small-scale ecommerce business: photo studio with lighting, cameras and backdrops, small-scale pop-up spot for product launches or retail events, a podcasting sound booth, a small-scale storage facility for inventory, a community clubhouse for networking, and all the other amenities you would expect at a top-notch co-working space.

Community memberships are $59 per month and provide access to reserve amenities and the commerce clubhouse, while space membership pricing starts at $459 a month for full access.

All members have unique access to the ECOMsquare app, which allows for easy booking for meeting rooms, workstations, events, equipment and more. Additionally, the app provides Wi-Fi support, location details, a public events calendar, and customer support all in one place.

Last modified: February 17, 2022

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