The Uplift Canada Foundation is coming to Kitsilano on Saturday, November 27th.

Uplift Canada is a youth-led, registered non-profit organization that up-cycles donated clothing, and directly relocates them to local shelters in that area; making giving easy and enabling citizens to connect and uplift others in their community. 

By up-cycling clothing donations and ultimately supporting the circular economy, Uplift Canada is alleviating the environmental damage being caused by clothing waste in landfills, and instead repurposing these items into a usable resource to those in need.

This month they’re asking Kitsilano residents to clean out their closets and repurpose unused items by collecting them into a bag, and leaving them on their doorstep for their volunteers to pick up.

After consulting directly with staff from various BC based shelters, Uplift Canada has decided to only accept the items that the shelters residents are requesting now. Check out the list of accepted items here.

Interested in supporting Uplift Canada? Fill out the form on their website to request a clothing donation pick up.

Last modified: November 19, 2021

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