The Burrard Slopes Park may soon be a reality.

Bordered by West 5th Ave and West 6th Ave and Fir Street and Pine Street, Burrard Slopes Park will serve as a place for the community to gather, play, experience culture, and seek respite in the bustling neighborhood.

According to Vancouver Is Awesome, city staff are ready to move on a park nearly 20 years in planning. Staff is asking council to allocate funds so the project can move forward, allowing the two disconnected areas to become one full, proper, permanent park.

Around $41 million in development levies would be moved to the city’s property endowment fund, allowing the parks board to begin work on turning the light industrial area into a 2-acre green space.

An additional, estimated $1.6 million will be needed to “deconstruct” the buildings so the site can be “greened.”

Last modified: June 3, 2021

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