This is it. It’s down to one game. Super Bowl LV takes place on Sunday, February 7th. So where are you going to watch the Chiefs take on the Buccaneers?

I know we’re all missing the beery, brunch-y camaraderie of a pub full of roaring fans but do us all a favor and stay home and enjoy the game from the comfort of your couch with your family.

“I am calling on everybody right now, hold off on the Super Bowl celebrations this year,” said Dr. Henry during yesterday’s media briefing. “You should not be planning — whether it’s at home, in a bar, a restaurant — viewings of the Super Bowl [with people not from your household].”

“If we are not able to control this and start seeing spread again, we can undo all the good work that we have done. We need to respect the staff and not put them at risk, stay small, stay apart, keeping everyone safe, so that we can keep our bars, our restaurants, our retail spaces, our workplaces open.”

Last modified: February 5, 2021

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