Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced a new Provincial Health Order this afternoon prohibiting liquor sales on New Year’s Eve night.

The order is another measure to curb gathering and New Year’s Eve parties and applies to restaurants and liquor stores.

The new order will come into effect on December 31, 2020, from 8pm until 9am on January 1, 2021.

Last modified: December 30, 2020

3 Responses to " BC Bans Liquor Sales And Service After 8pm On New Year’s Eve "

  1. Bronnwynn Raye says:

    This city is truly no fun and they will ensure that!!! Yet spend out tax dollars on bike lanes destroying Our streets: then make laws that stinky bikers only ride on bike lanes!!!! None in the road or I will hit them.
    And Bonnie Henry has to go: our province is under martial law disguised as “for your own good”

    No gathering no Christmas tree disposal (the city wants nothing to do with helping citizens!! Where is their pay cut while shut down?! )

  2. Christianne Hayward says:

    Oh my gosh – The above writer is truly stressed and flaying. I pray she does NOT hit a biker because it will be her life as much as the biker’s that will be ruined. There is little in life that separates us from the lovely animals that live with along side us who fall under the martial law of nature. What makes us human is the power to engage that sizeable brain we are born with and seek ways to show compassion and kindness where anger and frustration seem to reign. Act with curiosity and creativity rather than becoming furious and unhappy. These restrictions against socializing are taking their toll, to be sure, and the effects will be longstanding. Still, blaming Bonnie Henry or any other politician is very short sighted and unfair. All I see when I watch people in the public eye who have to make unpopular decisions for the good of the larger whole, is premature aging. Bonnie does not look like the gleeful tyrant, but more a tortured soul, trying desperately to fight against the reaper. I have no agenda in writing and never do leave comments online, except I feel that the top of the mountain is visible even as our legs burn, our throats are dry and our souls scream for company. Drag that tree to the curbside and save the walk or needles in the car. Better yet while away some of the night cutting the trunk into memory discs to paint or kindling sticks to be soaked in the left over paraffin from candles (a lovely gift for a camper or friend with a fireplace). Whatever we do, our greatest calling is to show patience, curiousity, kindness and love when our reserves seem so very dry. It is all that separates us from machines.

  3. JF says:

    The above writer has taken too many “happy” pills!