Ever wanted to homecook for your dog or cat but realized you didn’t have the time or know-how? A new local service called Kafka’s Organic is now delivering freshly cooked pet food right to your door. 

Created in 2018 because their #GirlBoss Sarah was searching for a healthy option for her mischievous Siamese cat, Kafka. After extensive research, she was unimpressed with all the low-quality, over processed pet food that dominated the marketplace and decided to make her own healthy solution. Now Kafka’s Organic is on a mission to make healthy, nutritious pet food accessible to all cat and dog parents!

This local Vancouver business wants to make it easy for pet parents to find healthier pet food options. Their website, blog, and social media platforms are filled with informative content for all pet parents. This includes a feeding calculator that will help you figure out how much fresh food you’ll need for your pet no matter how you’re feeding it (as a topper, meal mixer, or full diet). Best of all, Kafka’s offer delivery right to your doorstep and automated orders to make it easier to take care of your furry best friend.

Unlike processed pet food, Kafka’s small-batch natural pet food doesn’t need preservatives or additives and contains expertly selected whole ingredients that fulfill complete nutritional needs for cats and dogs. When compared to kibble and raw diets, their fresh pet food is great for sensitive tummies, picky eaters and pets who experience allergies. Once you add fresh meals to your pet’s diet, you’ll see quick, positive changes including shinier coat, increased energy, and better poops!

Four-legged friends all over Vancouver are enjoying fresh pet meals, and you should try it out too! They offer a variety of signature recipes for cats and dogs that highlight seafood, red meat, or poultry, and also have exciting seasonal flavours that come out for limited times. If you’d like your pet to just dip their paws into fresh food, try their great Tester Trio set that comes with one mini pack of each of our signature flavours – available for both cats and dogs! Start your #FreshFed diet today.

Kafka’s Organic | 400 Industrial Avenue | 604-337-7463 | kafkaksorganic.com

Last modified: December 10, 2020

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