CBC is searching for Metro Vancouver’s best neighbourhood and you can have your say.

On one hand, it’s a complicated question, almost impossible to answer, that depends on how much you value different things that make a neighbourhood attractive. It could be affordable housing, nearby schools, great parks, or a beloved small businesses.

But, on the other hand, for most people it’s a straightforward answer: wherever you live.

Over the next six weeks, each day from Monday to Thursday CBC will have a new article to help determine Metro Vancouver’s best neighbourhood.

They’ll start with 192 neighbourhoods — from Vancouver, to south of the Fraser, to the Tri-Cities and the North Shore — and week by week we’ll go down from 192 neighbourhoods to 128, then 64, then 32 … until they eventually crown a winner.

Voting opens today, July 13th, with ‘North Kits’ (West 4th and Kits Beach) up against ‘South Kits’ (West Broadway, etc.) in one matchup and Kits Point versus South Granville in another.

Get your votes in today and let’s see if we can get Kitsilano to the finals.

Last modified: July 13, 2020

One Response to " Cast Your Vote For Metro Vancouver’s Best Neighbourhood "

  1. Lidio Daneluzzi says:

    It is with a sense of sadness that I see the search for Vancouver best neighborhood.
    Over the last several years Vancouver has changed to the point where it is not affordable for many.
    For all, the quality of life has changed in a way that makes me want to consider other alternatives.
    Having lived in one of the most popular neighborhoods (Commercial Drive) for 35 years and having being robbed 3 times this year; I can no longer feel comfortable walking the streets that have been occupied by homeless persons.
    How can anyone be proud to live anywhere in Vancouver when we are allowing thousands of homeless to occupy our streets.
    We should do something to change the this situation in Vancouver otherwise there is no point looking for the best; we are all the worst for it.