The Vancouver Park Board is opening four outdoor pools, 10 spray parks, and staffing nine Vancouver beaches with lifeguards this Summer.

Kits Pool will reopen July 13th.

Outdoor pools will reopen for a combination of designated lap swimming sessions and public swimming sessions.

However, people must arrive “swim ready,” as change rooms will not be open and physical distancing protocols will be in place at entrances and exits and throughout the pools’ facilities. Washrooms will remain open for users.

Casual swimmers can book a 90 minute swim block, while lap swimmers can book for a 45 minute swim period. There will be a 30 minute buffer between swim periods during which time the facilities will be sanitized and prepared for the next group. The pools will reopen with reduced maximum capacities, in alignment with new protocols around decreased bathing loads.

Admission to pools will be managed through a combination of an online reservation system and in-person drop-ins, all with contactless electronic payment. Leisure Access Pass holders will be provided with access to the reservation system. Park Board Flexi passes and cash will not be accepted.

Snorkels and kickboards will not be permitted and there will be no rentals of swimming goggles or towels.

Lifeguards and staff will complete ongoing spot cleans on all equipment, facilities, and high touch areas.

Last modified: July 26, 2020

3 Responses to " Kits Pool To Reopen On July 13th "

  1. Anna says:

    why do lap swimmers only get 45 minutes ? why can’t peole use change room and showers?? you can go on restaurants and be near people?

  2. Gillian says:

    What does “casual swimmer mean?” How is it that this is a total “90 minute swim” but lap swimmers only get 45 minutes?

    This is confusing.

  3. RG says:

    Why can’t we use the washrooms for the full amount of time that we pay for in the allotted time ? They say in the loud speakers that we can use the washroom outside the facilities. I have tried , there was a lineup for the only one stall awailable there ! They expect some 200 people to use one washroom stall to use outside the swimming pool, while there were about 10 stalls built inside the facility. Who is making these irrational, and illegal decisions ?RG