A petition titled Reopen Kitsilano Outdoor Pool for lap swimmers has been published on Change.org.

Petition starter Brian Stewart writes, “The Kitsilano outdoor pool is an integral part of the community, and its annual opening represents the beginning of summer for Kitsilano residents. Locals enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the pool and the exercise of swimming in the pool”.

“Opening the pool will be a positive and hopeful sign for the local community. Lap swimmers should be able to be accommodated in a safe and responsible manner, in this large pool swimming area”.

Last modified: July 26, 2020

2 Responses to " Petition To Reopen Kits Pool During COVID-19 "

  1. S. Rose says:

    Respectfully, I’d like to see the pool open, but more than that I’d like to know that it opened when it did because of the best judgment of public health professionals rather than because of political pressure. Let’s guess that policy makers are well aware of the hunger for a return to normal. If they open in the face of pressure, we won’t know if it was against the judgment of the pros, and that’s… not great.

  2. Febe Lindemann says:

    Kitsilano pool must be opened as every summer.