Last night an unmarked police cruiser crashed into the storefront of Della Optique at West Broadway, near Trafalgar Street.

According to Vancouver police the incident happened at 7pm when the unmarked cruiser collided with another vehicle.

Video taken of the incident shows a silver Mercedes attempting to take a left turn from the right lane, when the unmarked cruiser drives alongside it. Police say their vehicle then swerved and crashed into an optical store.

“There is obvious damage to the storefront and both vehicles involved,” police said in an emailed statement to CTV.

No pedestrians were hurt and both drivers were assessed at the scene. Nobody was taken to hospital.

Last modified: May 15, 2020

3 Responses to " Unmarked Police Cruiser Crashes Into West Broadway’s Della Optique "

  1. Steve Larigakis says:

    Who tries to make a left turn from the right lane? Is this Covid brain?

  2. Thank you to all my wonderful neighbours who were sympathetic to my situation when I went to the store today and met with the claims adjuster .
    My heart felt less heavy because of your encouraging words and good wishes as you walked by .
    I feel especially grateful to my interior designer , Susan Taubensee who responded immediately and will make my store beautiful again , as she did when I opened 20 years ago and when we recently renovated last year . I look forward to being your optical boutique and optometrist for many more years !

  3. Derek Smart says:

    Driver of the Mercedez was obviously negligent.