Interested in design? The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) is hosting a night of inquiry, connectivity, and innovation focused on the creative process with its 5th annual Why I Design event on Saturday, November 2nd from 7-10:30pm.

Why I Design spotlights the process of invention and immersion.

This year’s Why I Design pays particular attention to the emerging forces behind a Circular Economy, which include elements of wholeness, inclusion, knowledge, connection, and community in addition to reconciliation and decolonization as a regional factor.

The curation of this year’s exhibition reaches beyond traditional design to include people who are making design happen by bringing together people, systems, and materials which are striving to develop meaningful impact within their communities.

The “Why” behind their actions and developments are the distinguishing features that separate a Circular Economy from an Industrial Economy. The critical functions of the circular economy are the human factors of relationships, connections, sharing, and personal health and growth.

This year’s event aims to gather a diverse group of people who represent elements of this new economy; a practice that embraces purpose-driven sustainability, material repurposing and reimagining how we do business.

Assembling local contributors in the same room will foster key discussions about what the impacts of a circular economy can, or potentially should be.

Tickets are available online for in advance or at the door.

Last modified: November 3, 2019

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