Tacofino has officially opens the doors of its newest location at 1909 West 4th Avenue.

The seventh brick-and-mortar location for the beloved brand, Tacofino Kitsilano occupies 1,985 square feet of space in a below-ground, streetside eatery that offers a fully licensed dining room with seating for 40 as well as a take-out counter for those on the go.

In keeping with the Tacofino’s tradition of creating menus that are unique to each location, the Kitsilano menu offers a new array of signature, made-from-scratch fare developed by Chef and Co-Owner Jason Sussman and Michelin-starred Regional Executive Chef Stefan Hartmann such as:

Crispy Chicken (papaya salad, lemongrass mayo, kale slaw, crispy rice, cilantro), $13;
Maui Pork al Pastor (black beans, lime rice, lime crema, kale slaw, pineapple salsa), $12;
Corn Fritter (kale slaw, guacamole, lime mayo, black chili oil, cotija, cilantro), $11 (V);
Tuna (albacore tuna, soy glaze, wasabi mayo, wakame, lime rice, pickled ginger, nori), $14;

Fish (Pacific cod, chipotle mayo, salsa fresca, cabbage), $6.5;
Potato + Cheese (crispy corn tortilla, kale, pickled nopales and onion, cilantro), $6 (V);
Crispy Tofu (eggplant, cauliflower, kale slaw, vegan lemongrass mayo, Serrano, cilantro), $6 (Ve);
Maui Pork al Pastor (pineapple salsa, pickled white onion, cilantro), $6.5;

Banana Churros (cinnamon sugar, spiced chocolate), $7 (V);
Chocolate Diablo Cookie (cayenne, cinnamon, ginger), $3 (V).

Vancouver interior designer Shiloh Sukkau made the most of the textures and imperfections of the long and narrow site’s stripped-down concrete shell and incorporated them into a design scheme that is both conceptual and rustic.

Subtle nods to the brand’s seaside roots in Tofino can be seen throughout the space in exposed conduit and keyless lamp fixtures that make the shape of a wave barreling over the room and water and natural forms that can be seen in the menus, mirrors, table tops and artwork by Hannah Petkau.

Tacofino Kits, 1909 West 4th Avenue, tacofino.com

Last modified: October 12, 2019

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