This is my second summer here at Kitsilano Beach and I want to share with you my wonderful experiences.

Kitsilano Showboat – what a treat. Whether it’s just a meander over to see what’s playing and sitting for a few minutes to watch. Or as I did last Friday, stay to sing along at A Night to Remember – Kitsilano Showboat Fundraiser. The event was advertised as a high energy, fun, dance-in-the-streets kind of night and it completely blew me away beyond my expectations.

Richard K Lowy of R Friends is a Kitsilano resident who supports local organizations. His classic rock evening certainly helped keep Showboat alive with the audience generously donating.  If you see an ad for R Friends playing at benefit shows in the future, I highly recommend you go and enjoy the performance.

As a complete contrast to rock ‘n’ roll – The Galactic Butterfly.  She stands patiently in front of the Boathouse restaurant singing beautiful songs as people wander by chatting and enjoying the beach. Celine sings just like a butterfly. If you have time, please stop to enjoy and help her with a little giving. Busking is hard.

The dog beach – and why do dogs like to carry sticks in their mouths! Such fun to sit and watch them play on the beach and in the water.

Corner Cup Coffee at West 4th & Blenheim for gelato. Then enjoy the gelato sitting on the nearby bench which has a plaque with these insightful words “ON THIS SITE IN 1497 NOTHING HAPPENED.  K.R.T. ”, in  Point Grey Road Park at the foot of Blenheim.

And there is the bit of sad news with progress in Vancouver.

The sign atop the old Molson Brewery is now dark. It gave the time and temperature for many decades. I try not to be so obsessed with clocks and weather now that I am retired. But I often glanced up to check the time. Coming home after 11pm, I really missed the little glow it gave at the south end of the Burrard Bridge. Now the building will be leased for office space and eventually turned into a development.

Last modified: July 31, 2019

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