The Vancouver Coffee Snob (VCS) is at it again with another great list.

This time around he’s tackled the longstanding problem of finding a great coffee shop to work or study from in Vancouver.

According to VCS, one of the most common questions he gets asked via email is “where are the best coffee shops to work or study from in Vancouver”.

And because he’s a considerate guy, he doesn’t want to recommend one of his favorite shops knowing that some folks take advantage of a good thing and proceed to sit there gobbling up wifi for 8 hours after ordering one peppermint tea.

So before you check out the Kitsilano coffee shops listed below, be sure to read over VCS’s ground rules.

Pallet Coffee Roasters, 2002 West Broadway,

  • Where to sit: Window seats and communal tables.
  • Where not to sit: Look for the small signs on the tables that indicate you can’t use them for working and don’t sit at these.

Sweet Barrel Creamery, 2729 Arbutus Street, VCS Review

  • Where to sit: Try to keep to the communal table or window bench if you can.
  • Where not to sit: It’s a small place so avoid anywhere that two or more people could sit, like the tiny tables they’ve got setup.

Prado, 1809 Fir Street,

  • Where to sit: The general rule in a Prado is to stick to either the window seats or any communal seats.
  • Where not to sit: Prado’s can get really busy so avoid the larger tables.

Check out the complete list of the best coffee shops to work or study from in Vancouver here.

While you’re at it, check out VCS’s Siply app which saves you on average $1 on each drink inside a coffee shop. Download it, charge it up with credits and use it at the shops above.

Last modified: October 26, 2020

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