Last night the Vancouver Park Board approved the Vanier Park bicycle pump track expansion.

Concerned Kits Point residents will be happy to see the Park Board balancing environment and recreation. The approved expansion plans include the installation of a permanent eagle nesting pole and the development of a long-term stewardship plan for the forest.

The Vancouver Park Board’s track expansion proposal is to build a pump track specifically for young children to ensure the Vanier Park bike park does not exclude younger users.

The existing dirt jump track in the wooded area west of the south end of the Burrard Street Bridge is well used by a wide range of users, but it mainly caters to expert-level riders.

In addition to the track expansion, the Park Board also approved new measures that better protect the park’s eagle habitat and prevent future temporary closures of the bike park when eagles are nesting.

The approved proposal includes installing a new permanent eagle nesting pole deeper in the wooded area of Vanier Park.

Last modified: June 25, 2019

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