In olden times, these words would be a rallying cry for impoverished villagers living along sea shores around the world, to run to the beach and grab all the treasures of gold, rum and other valuables.

Now along our Kitsilano seashore we don’t have great treasures, just little sail boats washed in after a wind storm.

As I have walked along early mornings for well over a year now, I have often seen these forlorn little boats.  I inquired at the Burrard Bridge Civic Marina and the Coast Guard Station at Kitsilano to get information.

What happens to these sail boats?

The Coast Guard gets involved if there’s a possibility of a threat to human life or a concern about fuel leaks.

Once it reaches land, the Vancouver Park Board will contact the Vancouver Police Department, Transport Canada, and the Port of Vancouver to try to find the owner. If they find the owner, the Park Board will tell them about their boat and that it is the owner’s responsibility to remove the boat at the owner’s expense.

About 15 boats wash ashore each year.  Most of the boats are worthless wrecks by the time they reach land. They probably gave a lot of joy when sailing.  If the Park Board can’t find the owner, it crushes most of the boats.

So a little sadness showing up on our Kits Beach, along with recognition of the power of nature.

Last modified: June 4, 2019

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