You may have walked or biked by this spot on the Arbutus Greenway, at Maple Street. They want you to come in and see the Garden.

City Farmer teaches you how to grow food in the city, compost your waste and take care of your home landscape in an environmentally responsible way.

Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden sits on more than a quarter of an acre of land in the heart of Kitsilano, with 5 garden areas to help teach urban farmers to take care of our urban landscape.

Here are some things you can see:

  • biodiversity garden, a tranquil garden with insect hotel, fairy garden, and wall of hop plants to make into beer
  • climate change adaptation garden with out-of-zone plants , e.g. olives, lemons and limes,
  • cob (clay) tool shed originally made from specially cut telephone poles
  • organic food garden, which is the original garden dug out of a parking lot in 1981; they want us to replace our lawns with something we can eat
  • permeable lane using old concrete from city sidewalks, interlocking landscape pavers and a plastic grid filled with gravel
  • waterwise boulevard garden with native plants that survive heavy rains of winter and dry months of summer
    back-yard composting and worm composting for condo/apartment dwellers to help reduce land fill garbage
  • insect life encouraged by providing shelter, food and drink

They are looking for volunteers to help with their worthwhile endeavours. Reach out at

Last modified: May 27, 2019

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