According to CTV News, the BC SPCA is investigating a report that a dog was recently poisoned at a park in Kitsilano.

Deanne Schweitzer said she noticed her dog, Stella, kept getting sick after they went out for walks near Tatlow Park.

“She would be throwing up and very uncomfortable,” Schweitzer told CTV News.

The concerned dog owner eventually realized Stella and other dogs kept visiting the same hedge at the park. When Schweitzer poked around, she found a black plastic bag containing dog food.

Schweitzer said a neighbour had the food tested with a veterinarian, and it was determined to have been poisoned. Fortunately, Stella has made a full recovery.

The BC SPCA is taking the issue very seriously and will likely recommend charges of animal cruelty if a culprit is found.

Officials are advising dog owners to keep their pets on-leash to prevent them from eating unknown substances.

Last modified: May 18, 2019

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