I’d just stepped out of a sushi joint called The Eatery and I decided that I needed a coffee.

This really shows you the level of my caffeine addiction, because there’s absolutely no justifiable reason to want a stimulant after the visual smack-down that I just experienced. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Just check out their website and you’ll have a good indication of what the inside of the restaurant is like (caution, this will likely give you epilepsy).

Anyway, the coffee shop that I ended up was called Caffe W, a couple of blocks up Broadway, very close to Alma Street. They have no website and very little social media presence, which in my experience is for a reason, but happily this particular café turned out to be excellent.

Caffe W serves up a selection of food ranging from sandwiches to pastries, as well as having an ice cream counter for the summer months (because who doesn’t love walking around Jericho Garrison with a mint choc chip?).

There’s a large variation of espresso based drinks (lattes, cappuccinos etc) as well as custom pour over filter coffee, using a range of 49th Parallel coffee beans. Our visits have always been really enjoyable and the food has always been excellent. They also have one of the most stylish bathrooms we’ve ever seen, which made popping a squat all the more fancy!

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Start with a nice smooth latte, follow that with another, then a filter coffee, then a siphon coffee. At some point during this liquid overload session, you’ll need to visit the posh bathroom (which is really the main reason for all the coffee). Reward yourself after with one of their amazing yogurt and cherry pastries.

Caffe W, 3646 West Broadway, 604-730-9298, Instagram

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Last modified: February 2, 2019

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