I was born in England, complete with the British accent, so it’s no surprise that on more than one occasion I’ve been accused of being Harry Potter.

It’s even less of a surprise that I’ve often been asked if I entered the country via the “train station themed coffee shop in Kits”.

Platform 7 Coffee is a beautiful, Parisian railway themed cafe with an incredible team of highly skilled and award winning baristas, brewing up a massive array of interesting coffee (from Stumptown Roasters) in a variety of different ways.

Their food is great for breakfast, brunch and dinner, as well as the venue being open late. If you’re really lucky you might get a latte from Kunie, who placed 3rd in the World Latte Art Championships!

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Start off with a nitrogen infused cold brew coffee and pair that with the prosciutto, basil and bocconcini baguette. Next up, channel your inner Walter White and chose the Siphon coffee for a clean and well balanced drink that is going to make everyone on Instagram think you’ve started making crystal meth.

Platform 7 Coffee, 2300 West Broadway, 604-620-2717, platform7.com

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Last modified: January 19, 2019

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