Kitsilano’s Comicshop is shutting down after 44 years in business.

Located at 3518 West 4th Avenue since 2010, The Comicshop previously called West 4th & Arbutus home for 31 years.

According to the Georgia Straight, Comicshop has gone into receivership and will be shutting down although a specific date remains unknown.

Store manager Keith Bickford told the Straight that unlike other shuttering retail rent wasn’t a major factor contributing to their closure.

One of the major factors he cited as contributing to their decline in business has been a change in demographics. In the past, he said that they tended to have a lot of kids as customers but their clientele has primarily been comprised of adults, which he says the industry has also shifted towards in terms of content.

Last modified: December 19, 2018

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