When you know someone that prefers a cold one on the patio over a handful of daisies, that’s where Brewquet comes in.

Tastefully curated collections featuring craft beer and superior local goods. You can be assured that buying a Brewquet is simple but the gesture is grand.

Brewquet believes in sourcing local goods first and foremost and their hunt for product starts with neighbourhoods right in Vancouver – Gastown, Yaletown, East Van, and, of course, Kitsilano.

You know the one, the Gordon Ramsay of the BBQ, wearing a kiss the cook apron and showing off their warlike grilling techniques. Add some fuel to their fire and keep those culinary skills blossoming with the Kitsilano Brewquet.

The $65 Kitsilano Brewquet includes 6 local craft beers, Just Jerky’s honey garlic beef jerky, and The Nut Merchant’s Maple Sriracha Pecans.

Delivery is available throughout the lower mainland before December 23rd. Order online.

Last modified: November 21, 2019

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