In a sea of croissants, muffins and cookies, how does one differentiate oneself these days? Cream Puffs, that’s how.

“But what are cream puffs” I hear you shout? Calm down tubby, they’re kind of like profiteroles, but with much tastier fillings (flavoured creams) and a much bigger pastry shell. Just look at the above photo If you need to know what I mean. Just looking at them is going involve putting on pounds. That’s how I got so cuddly.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Coffee is from JJ Bean so get whatever you like, it’ll all probably be dark and so-so tasting. But the food is where Storm City shines!

Start with a Nutella flavour cream puff, then blueberry cheesecake flavour, then pretend that you should “probably have a sandwich to be healthy” and proceed to buy a raspberry white choc flavour puff instead. Go home and look at yourself in the mirror with disappointment.

Storm City Coffee, 3403 West Broadway, 604-428-9585,

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Last modified: November 26, 2018

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