Next summer you’ll be able enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine at Kits Beach.

On Monday, the Vancouver park board approved a concession strategy which includes a two-year pilot to allow liquor sales at the English Bay and Kitsilano Beach concessions from May to September.

The two-location pilot will allow the park board to assess the feasibility of offering alchohol at other concessions in the next three to five years.

The locations were chosen because the concessions already have restaurant operators — Cactus Club at English Bay and The Boathouse at Kitsilano Beach — best-suited to get the program up and running.

The pilot will be conducted beer-garden style. A section of beach at English Bay adjacent to the public walkway would be roped off, while a temporary small patio would be created outside the existing concession at Kitsilano Beach.

Read more in the Vancouver Sun.

Last modified: October 2, 2018

One Response to " Vancouver Park Board to Test Out Liquor Sales at Kits Beach "

  1. Seaside Greenway Resident says:

    Great! So now the cyclists who whip through Kits Beach Park, endangering pedestrians, can be drunk riding too, sending even more pedestrians flying. And, the kids who play in the playground there can be accosted by the plastered, not to mention the drunks drowning in the ocean. Will there be more law enforcement of the intoxicated, such as those driving out of the congested parking lot, with cyclists skirting through it? Oh, I forgot, Vancouver doesn’t have laws or law enforcement anymore. Who is going to pick up the empties off the green space? There is no extra funding for that, so says the Park Board.