Vancouver Coastal Health has issued a swimming advisory for Kitsilano Beach and Kits Point due to high levels of bacteria in the water.

Swimming and wading are also not recommended at Sunset Beach.

High levels of E. coli bacteria in the water increase risk of gastro-intestinal illness to swimmers. Vancouver Coastal Health is working to monitor the water quality and remove the swimming advisory once the levels have decreased.

E. coli counts for the Vancouver-area beaches are updated every Friday, based on sampling results.

Last modified: August 8, 2018

One Response to " Swimming Advisory Issued for Kits Beach "

  1. Peter Labrie says:

    Pipeline Hypocrisy – Vision Vancouver

    False Creek is a popular recreational spot. But there is a monster (or many little monsters) hiding in the water. The water is extremely polluted. According to the health authorities, E. coli levels are six times higher than what is considered safe for humans. Why? Vancouver pumps 39 million cubic meters of raw sewage into False Creek every year. And pollution is getting worse, year-by-year. The stench is strongest during warm summer months.

    This is the hypocrisy of Vision Vancouver: On the one hand, Mayor Robertson and his stooges block pipelines from Alberta, even when those projects pass rigorous environmental standards. On the other hand, Vision condones willful dumping of raw sewage into False Creek – literally in the heart of Vancouver. In short, Vision thinks pipelines are fine when they dump putrid fecal matter into our port, but Vision blocks pipelines carrying oil to ships.

    E. coli is nasty little bug: It causes a host of medical problems, ranging from infections, kidney disease and even strokes. Yes, E. coli contamination is common in underdeveloped countries, but not in world-class cities, such as Vancouver.

    This is unbelievable. Vision pretends to be building “the greenest city by 2020”. How do these ideologues reconcile that lofty goal with pumping sewage into our water? To be totally fair, neither the Green Party nor the NPA are any better. In fact, none of the existing political parties has shown much interest in this problem. And that stinks.