On Tuesday March 27th, Mission Kits is holding a five course vegetarian dinner with a menu collaboration between Chef Curtis Luk and Chef Jeremy Kershe.

Easter eggs and basketsChef Luk has garnered a reputation for exceptional skill with ‘vegetables’ – producing meals often described as ‘the best meal I’ve ever had’ – most notably from meat eaters.

This skill was honed at the Parker restaurant and further at Mission Kits which was opened by Chef Luk two and a half years ago through its celebrated vegetarian tasting menu.

Chef Kershe has worked with Fable Kitchen for over two years and currently leads the farm to table kitchen there with the mentorship of Chef Trevor Bird – executive chef and owner of Fable.

Seating for this dinner is per reservation time, confirmed upon ticket purchase in advance. The dinner is $80/person.

Optional wine pairing with the meal will be made available, as chosen by celebrated sommelier/co-owner of Mission Kits – Chase MacLeod.

Contact eat@missionkits.ca or call the restaurant to secure a seat for this special dinner.

Mission Kits | 2042 West 4th Avenue | 604-739-2042 | missionkits.ca

Last modified: March 16, 2018

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