VeloMetro Mobility today launched its initial fleet of five velomobiles for public use at the University of British Columbia.

Inspired to alleviate people’s frustration with traffic congestion and overcrowded transit systems, increasing costs to operate a car and concerns about carbon emissions, VeloMetro’s team designed the Veemo® sharing network of electric-assisted three-wheeled vehicles that resemble a cross between two popular modes of transportation.

“Veemo® hits the sweet spot between bikesharing and carsharing with its compact and environmentally friendly design,” says Kody Baker, CEO of VeloMetro.

“We saw an opportunity to create a fun and affordable active transportation alternative that fits people’s urban needs. The launch at UBC is just the beginning. We have big plans to expand our fleet and offer the velomobile-sharing service across Metro Vancouver, our province, and eventually throughout the Pacific Northwest and the world.”

VeloMetro recently completed its testing of the velomobiles at the University of British Columbia with the intention to track how the vehicles help students move around campus quickly and in style. With almost 400 test riders logging over 2,700 km and 630 hours in trips, the successful test prompted the launch for public use.

Users find, reserve and enable their Veemo® velomobile rides through a smartphone app—no keys required.

Since it is legally classified as an electric bicycle, users do not need a driver’s license and are able to sign up online and ride within minutes without having to wait for motor vehicle driver record checks.

Similar to existing car-share and bike-share models, Veemo® operates on a pay-per-minute system with other billing options to come. Membership is currently free, and for the first two weeks of launch, Veemo is offering a promotional rate of just 10¢ per minute.

Last modified: February 28, 2018

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