Few businesses stick in our memories as well as those that serve incredible delights and treats. Whether it’s Dilly Bars with grandma or a blizzard for my niece Dairy Queen has stood out as an exceptional example of a strong business with a unique offering.

Just ask Warren Buffet, the shrewd investor purchased Dairy Queen in 1997 for just over $500 million. The first Dairy Queen in Canada opened more than 60 years ago while the Dairy Queen in Kitsilano has been in business for over 40 years.


In my life I’ve visited the Dairy Queen in Kitsilano for after dinner delights when I was dating in my late teens; to grab something to cool down after baseball games when I was a kid; and to treat my grandmother and satisfy her affinity for Dilly Bars in recent years. I can’t wait to bring my own kids here in the coming years. Few things compared to Dairy Queen ice cream cakes when I was a kid. Once they joined forces with Orange Julius the draw grew. I’ll never forget cruising the mall with a delicious smoothie before most of us made them at home chalked full of superfoods.

The Dairy Queen in Kits at West Broadway & Trafalgar has seen a lot of change in the neighbourhood and has been a constant throughout the years. The decor and furnishing have not been updated in a while creating feelings of nostalgia. This Dairy Queen is loved by locals and visitors alike as the best place to get a delicious dessert that won’t break the bank. This Dairy Queen location also offers “hot eats” so if you are looking for some better than average quick food this is a great place to stop in.

Not all restaurants are created equal and some locations are better than others. The quality of the product and the experience is reliably great. You always know what to expect from Dairy Queen in Kits. That’s what makes their 40+ years of experience so valuable.

Get a great Blizzard packed with the toppings you love at this location. With GetintheLoop’s latest offer here you’ll be able to get 2 Blizzards for the price of 1! Don’t miss out. Don’t forget the log cakes, dilly bars, sundaes, and burgers and fries. Once you’re done here it might time to head home for some Netflix if it’s for an after dinner treat but if it’s during the day there are a lot of great places nearby to burn off the delicious calories acquired in your stop in at Dairy Queen.

Last modified: February 12, 2018

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