Say goodbye to Kitsilano legends Moderne Burger and Benny’s Cafe.

At least in their current locations.

According to the Straight, the redevelopment of 2500 West Broadway means that a number of well-known businesses will either have to relocate or close down.

City of Vancouver’s city manager Jag Sandhu told the Georgia Straight that a development permit application for the site has been approved for a four-storey mixed commercial and residential building, with 21 dwelling units and three ground-level retail stores.

The impending project will affect four businesses: Aria Florist and Wedding Design, Benny’s Café , Moderne Burger, and Kinome Japanese Kitchen.

Originally known as Benny’s Bagels, Benny’s Café opened in the late 1980s and retro-style diner Moderne Burger has been operation for 17 years.

Last modified: March 12, 2018

One Response to " Redevelopment to Displace Moderne Burger and Benny’s Café "

  1. Susan Smith says:

    Where will it end? Small businesses targeted by Vision Party as things of the past. All we see now are vacant stores and more high-priced condos. Who will provide services for these residents when the businesses have all moved to Surrey? Vision is blind to the detriment of us all.