Yoga, it’s such a quintessential Kitsilano thing to do, isn’t it?

With at least a dozen yoga studios just in our neighbourhood alone, we’ve got quite a selection to choose from. Here’s our list of the best classes available to get your zen on in Kits.


This is often a beginners yoga, where the basic asanas (postures) are introduced. With it’s three Kitsilano locations, plus one on Granville Island, Semperviva Yoga Studios has great hatha yoga classes with excellent teachers. YYoga also offers hatha yoga classes and treats you to complimentary tea. Check out their Pilates Fusion and Floor Barre classes as well for something different. The Path Yoga Centre is another studio for lovely hatha classes.


Kundalini yoga, with its white-wearing instructors and students, is designed to awaken energy in the spine. Classes include meditation, breathing techniques such as alternate nostril breathing, and chanting. Yoga West has 75 and 90-minute classes every day and Semperviva offers them several times a week.


Ashtanga is a more vigorous style of yoga with a series of six, fast-paced asana sequences. Ashtanga Yoga is dedicated to this style of yoga and offers daily classes, except on Moon Days (full and new moon days – as according to traditional Ashtanga Yoga these days are observed as yoga holidays).


Hot yoga is essentially Bikram yoga without the licensing of his name. It means the yoga studio room is heated to about 40 degrees Celsius so you’ll be sweating buckets while going through a sequence of about 26 asanas. Moksha Yoga is known for its hot yoga classes and even has classes by donation on Fridays. Yyoga also has hot yoga, and try their Escents Aromatherapy Yin classes, too. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness uses their signature Far Infrared Heating in their hot yoga classes and their current deal is $10 for a week to try it out.


For these classes, postures are modified to accommodate the changing needs of the expectant mother, plus it’s a great place to connect with other moms-to-be. Semperviva is the best choice for prenatal yoga. They sometimes have postnatal classes too for mom (or dad) and baby.


Yoga Buttons is a fun studio just for kids and their classes feature not just yoga but also art, music, stories, and crafts. They supply the mats and some classes include healthy snacks.

Last modified: November 18, 2017

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