Cashmere, alpaca, fine merino – whatever your preference, wool is one of the best textiles to use for clothing, especially during the winter months.

Although a lot of wool can be worn throughout the year, including in the summer as it is breathable, it absorbs moisture really well, it provides UV protection, and it doesn’t retain odours or even show much perspiration.

Here’s our list of where to find wool clothing in Kitsilano, and where to find craft materials and bedding as well in this versatile and natural fiber.


Merino wool clothing purveyor Icebreaker, a New Zealand company on West 4th Avenue, sells everything from sporty underwear to jackets in various merino wool fabrics for women, men, and kids. For comfortable and cozy wool sweaters, hats, and blankets, check out Celtic Traditions on West 10th Avenue – they source their 100% wool items from Scotland and Ireland.

Local Vancouver brand Kit and Ace, on West 4th Avenue, with their Technical Cashmere, offers clothing for women and men in easy-care wool blends. And Hip Baby, another local shop on West 4th Avenue, has those adorable Vancouver-made Padraig 100% wool booties, and Cowichan wool sweaters with hats to match (made in Nepal).

Craft Materials

Know how to knit? Then collect some wool yarn at Wet Coast Wools on West 4th Avenue or Gina Brown’s Yarn on West Broadway and make your own sweaters, scarves, and socks. Both stores have wonderful selections of colourful wool (including felt, cashmere, alpaca, mohair, and llama), helpful staff, and drop-in knitting classes.


Majestic Sit & Sleep, now on the corner of West 5th Avenue and Burrard Street, sells natural mattress and futons with layers of wool, as does inBed Organics on Chestnut Street. Both also have 100% wool-filled duvets and pillows.

Last modified: October 17, 2017

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