Our Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner, on Monday, October 9th.

If you’re planning on serving up a big juicy bird that day, here is our list of where to get the best turkey in Kitsilano for your oven, barbecue or, dare we say, deep fryer.

Greens Organic + Natural Market

This locally owned grocer prides itself on selling local, natural, and organic meat, including seasonal turkeys that usually come from JD Farms (out in Langley who’s turkeys are fed a natural diet of grain, vitamins, and minerals without any antibiotics or animal by-products) and Two Rivers Specialty Meats in North Vancouver (a butcher that usually procures its turkeys from Rossdown Farms and Yarrow Meadows Farm – both of which have free range, natural turkeys).

Greens Organic + Natural Market, 1978 West Broadway, 604-568-3079, greensmarket.ca

Choices Markets

Also locally owned (its first store opened in Kitsilano almost three decades ago), Choices offers natural and organic turkeys, frozen or fresh, plus all of the requisite fixings, of course.

Choices Markets, 2627 West 16th Avenue, 604-736-0009, choicesmarkets.com

SPUD and Stongs for Delivery

Turkeys are darn heavy so why not have one delivered right to your door? Both SPUD and Stongs will happily deliver a turkey to you, frozen or fresh. New this year, SPUD is offering free range turkeys from Skye Hi Farms in the Fraser Valley, while Stongs offers conventional, natural, and organic turkeys from various sources both local and imported.

Last modified: October 6, 2017

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