Blackberries, mushrooms, Oregon grape, wild apples – oh the bounty that awaits you this month and the next.

Just be sure to leave some for your foraging neighbour (and the bears apparently)! Check this handy map for wild edibles near you. And this local foraging expert has some short videos online to watch for free.

And if you’re not so familiar with picking wild edibles (especially mushrooms) and other useful foraged items, you can take one of these workshops up the street at the UBC Farm.

Foraging for Fiber & Rope-Making

Finally you can make your parents proud with your basket-weaving skills. The UBC Farm is offering a Foraging for Fiber & Rope-Making workshop on Thursday, September 21st, from 6pm till 8:30pm. Using grasses, vines, and tree barks foraged from around the farm, you’ll learn to make your own strong, two-ply twisted rope. The uses for such pre-historic ropes are endless, you could even make shoes!

Mushroom and Wild Foraging

With grocery prices continuing ever upwards, foraging for wild edibles is sounding like a good idea now more than ever. Hosted at the UBC Farm, Chef Robin Kort from Swallow Tail will teach you how to find fall and winter treasures such as seaweed, mushrooms, roots, and other wild edibles. A guided walk around the farm, some samples, and a discussion on how to harvest and prepare are included in this Mushroom and Wild Foraging workshop. It’s on Wednesday, October 4th, from 5:30pm till 7:30pm.

Last modified: September 10, 2017

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