Thanks to the City of Vancouver, a local lending library of random stuff allowing members to borrow from a litany of miscellaneous items is coming to Kits.

The city approved two-year pilot locations in Hastings-Sunrise, Grandview-Woodland, and on Kitsilano’s Arbutus Greenway at Delamont Park.

The Thingery promises that “you shouldn’t have to go far to borrow what you need.”

According to Thingery founder Chris Diplock — who held pop-up versions of the project in a rental van last summer — the custom-refurbished shipping containers will be planted for two-year trials this November.

“Getting the go-ahead from the city for the project is fantastic,” Diplock told Metro. “We’re so thrilled to be able to pilot these. “We stepped up promoting the project after this major development, and we’re putting in the orders to source the containers and do the modifications throughout October.”‘

The refurbished crates allow dues-paying members to use electronic fobs to open the swinging door

Last week, Diplock held a series of community meetings in each Thingery neighbourhood; each will operate as its own nonprofit cooperative with a local leadership board. “We wanted to get each community involved in planning their local site,” Diplock explained, “and to help steer the direction of The Thingery.”

Diplock is now recruiting neighbourhood volunteers to help steward each container. Local residents can apply via to join their Thingery’s board by September 15th.

Last modified: August 31, 2017

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