All winter long we longed for sun and warmth. Now we are getting more than we bargained for. Welcome to the new weather folks. Here are four ways to keep cool in Kits this week.

Cool Activities

Go people-watching at Kits Beach, swim laps in Kits Pool, or if you prefer shade, take a stroll under the cool tree canopy of Pacific Spirit Regional Park just a few minutes up the road in the Point Grey/UBC neighbourhood. For shady and splash-friendly playgrounds for kids, try historic Tatlow Park, tiny McBride Park, vast Carnarvon Park, and Kitsilano Community Centre-adjacent Connaught Park.

Cool Treats

With a myriad of awesome ice cream parlours in our Kitsilano neighbourhood, there’s no sweeter way to cool down than with a delicious cone in your favourite flavour. Some of the best vendors around are Rain or Shine Ice CreamTangram Creamery, and newcomer La Glace (opening August 4th). For something less sweet, opt for a refreshing smoothie or fresh pressed juice. Or make your own freeze pops (with or without a little booze) at home.

Cool Toys

Fill up a 1 or 2 person inflatable dinghy with some water and let the kids (or you) sit on the edge and splash around with their feet. It’s more portable than a blow-up pool, the bottom is nicely padded, it has a comfortable edge for said sitting, it’s more durable than the pool, and you can always reuse it for its original purpose. And don’t underestimate the fun that can be had with just a simple sprinkler, even in the tiniest bit of grass. Don’t have a bit of grass or a balcony? Sit in your tub with lukewarm water then. Add some bubbles to make it less lame.

Cool Dinners

These easy to assemble dinners are the perfect solution for a hot day and require minimal cooking if any – try chilled soup recipes that go from blender to bowl, or pasta salad with broccoli, Greek salad, fried egg sandwiches, black bean tacos, vermicelli noodle rice wraps with shrimp and vegetables, hummus with flatbread, tabouleh, or home-made sushi.

Last modified: July 31, 2017

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