Pallet Coffee Roasters started life in East Vancouver, which as a Kitsilanite™ I’m sure you’re thinking “Urgh, isn’t that where all the poor people live?”

Well, hike up your Kit and Ace technical pants and brush back your $250 hair cut, because they’ve moved in to your neighborhood, and they’re better that you could imagine.

Their new venue, on West Broadway and Arbutus, is a spacious and bright, high end looking café, but with a charm to it that’s inviting and relaxing. There’s loads of seating, including a big communal table that forces you to talk to paupers such as myself. Their wrap around patio is dog friendly too. (Note: Chihuahuas are not real dogs).

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: The open faced chicken melt is amazing, but probably too spicy for your delicate taste buds, so try the breakfast sandwich instead. Wash it all down with an amazing cortado (if the director of coffee, Ben is there, heckle him whilst he does latte art on it).

Follow this up with one of their delicious blueberry muffins that are inexplicably loaf shaped, then a geisha pour over coffee, so you can tell all your friends, “er, actually it’s GESHA not geisha”.

Pallet Coffee Roasters, 2002 West Broadway, 604-255-2014,

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Last modified: June 12, 2018

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