Kits Beach could soon be more accessible to people who use a wheelchair.

News 1130 reported today that the Vancouver Park Board is finalizing its plans to install ramps at at least one of its local beaches.

Park Board Chair Michael Wiebe says the City has been looking at ways to make sure access is available for everyone to enjoy the city’s facilities.

Wiebe told News 1130, “I think English Bay, Kits Beach are probably the most utilized beaches so probably the best choices for us to put them so we get the most usage of these facilities.”

Variations of the ramps are used at beaches in other parts of the world and help people using wheelchairs or walking frames make their way through sand to the water.

Currently, Vancouver does have specially designed wheelchairs with fat, balloon-like tires available at two local beaches, but Wiebe says they don’t work for a lot people.

Last modified: July 4, 2017

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