Two wheels were stolen from a car parked near West 14th Avenue and Balaclava in Kits in what the Vancouver Police Department are calling an unusual theft.

Kits resident Kathryn Tooley told Global News two of the four wheels were stolen off her boyfriend’s 2016 Honda Civic. Thieves made off with both of the driver’s side tires on Doug De Visser’s civic, leaving the vehicle resting on concrete blocks.

Photos indicate that the perpetrators intended to leave with a complete set, but couldn’t. The tires on the passenger’s side were only partly removed.

“We have had approximately six reports of tires being stolen in 2017, but not all were stolen from parked vehicles,” Vancouver Police Constable Jason Doucette told Global News. “There does not appear to be any particular type of vehicle or location being targeted.”

Vancouver Police are encouraging anyone with any information regarding this theft to contact them.

Last modified: June 2, 2017

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