With the cost of living in Vancouver sky high, and hotel rooms going for a premium, many locals are turning to short term rental sites like Airbnb to supplement their incomes.

This week CTV reported that a green Dodge camper van referred to as ‘The Pickle’ and parked in Kitsilano is being rented on Airbnb for $85 per night.

The green van doesn’t boast many amenities but has apparently been recently renovated and has cedar walls, recessed lighting, propane heat and a refrigerator.

According to CTV, the van is parked in the heart of Kits and has received very high marks from the ten people who have written reviews about it on Airbnb.

So, have you seen The Pickle in Kits?



Last modified: May 3, 2017

One Response to " Have you seen The Pickle in Kits? "

  1. Steve Threndyle says:

    uber x airbnb = winner idea!