Have you ever sat there and thought “do you know what would make this perm even nicer? A cappuccino!”.

Well wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a hair salon that also had an in staff barista? Well let me know when you find one, because the oddly named ‘Neverland Tea Salon’ just sells food and drinks.

One thing you can take from the name is that ‘Neverland Tea Salon’ sells tea. Lot’s and lots of tea with a little coffee for good measure. On any given day you will find giant groups of elegantly dressed Kilsilano ladies celebrating a pending wedding, a pending child being born, a pending nail appointment and any other pending event that people with rich husbands celebrate.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: This is a place you go to feel fancy, so their high tea package is a must. Don’t forget to stick that pinkie out. When you’ve had your fill of tea and cucumber sandwiches, dig into their amazing cake selection and wash it down with a latte made with 49th Parallel beans. Go home to your basement suite to sulk that you weren’t born into early 1900’s English royalty.

Neverland Tea Salon, 3066 West Broadway, 604-428-3066, www.neverlandtea.com

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Last modified: June 12, 2018

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